Class Profile

The Penn State Smeal Master of Accounting (MAcc) program fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment that benefits from the rich array of perspectives and experiences brought by its students. The MAcc Class of 2024 consists of 21 students with an average of 0 months of prior work experience. The class is comprised of 43% women and 29% international students, representing a global community. Members of the class hold diverse citizenships, including China, Philippines, and the United States. With an average undergraduate GPA of 3.49, the students come from various undergraduate majors, with 90% specializing in Accounting, 5% in Finance, and 5% from other disciplines. This diverse class profile enriches the collaborative and dynamic educational experience offered by the Penn State Smeal MAcc program.

Penn State Smeal Master of Accounting (MAcc) students benefit from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences that strengthen the culture, community, and learning environment.

Profile of MAcc Class of 2024
Number of Students 21
Average Months Prior Work Experience 0 months
Percentage of Women 43%
Percentage of International Students 29%
Citizenships held by members of this class China, Philippines, United States
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.49
Undergraduate Major Distributions
Accounting 90%
Finance 5%
Other 5%